Company profile

Azzurra was established in Civita Castellana in 1985 and would soon play a leading role in the industrial sector of sanitaryware. Azzurra Ceramica is now a leading brand in bathroom design and technical innovation of the bathroom environment.

Azzurra Ceramica - outside

Especially with the ability to capture and, at times, pre-empt the evolution of the bathroom, passionately reinterpreted by means of solutions suited to the new needs of the third millennium. A blend of product quality, design and technology that has won over international markets under the banner of the best of Made in Italy.

Advanced craftsmanship

With a tradition of production based on manual techniques handed down over the years, Azzurra has set up its business cycle on a combination of technological innovation and craftsmanship.

Each piece in the collection is the result of an influence that calls for the indispensable assistance of a skilled and specialised pair of hands. An exclusive formula that allows the company to overcome the narrow rationale of standardisation in favour of flexibility, to better meet the specific needs required of each project.

Azzurra design

All Azzurra collections are designed to capture the latest trends in the bathroom sector. A vocation confirmed by awards and prizes, cultivated through formal experimentation and prestigious collaboration with high-calibre international designers.



Forever forward-looking, Azzurra continues to focus its attention on the contemporary person’s needs to improve their quality of life. Tireless research that has led to the development of patents and cutting-edge technologies for the world of bathrooms.


In a world increasingly concerned about environmental quality, the efforts of Azzurra towards sustainability are realised in a tangible way through Water Saving toilets, designed and patented to ensure consistent water savings with every flush.

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Easy clean

Azzurra has perfected the NOBACTER 05 antibacterial system, specifically designed for sanitaryware. Applied to both sanitaryware and covers, it significantly reduces the microbial load. Azzurra’s exclusive technology which places a person’s needs at the focal point of the project.