Experimentation on materials, attention to detail and interaction with spaces: these are the main principles inspiring the work of STORAGEMILANO, a design firm founded in Milan in 2002 by Barbara Ghidoni, Marco Donati and Michele Pasini.

Their work shifts between architecture, design, fashion and art in search of tailor-made aesthetic and spatial solutions. The firm collaborates with major international brands, developing showrooms, offices and installations in the name of innovation, applied to form and expressed through a contemporary idea of luxury, which extends from the architectural exterior to the internal furnishings. For Azzurra Ceramica, they explored the theme of the bespoke bathroom, designing a versatile and integrated system of furniture and accessories, characterised by an exclusive design.

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Shelves, drawers, towel holder bars with industrial inspiration are the abacus of the furnishing system designed by StorageAssociati that is focused on the concepts of flexibility and informal style. A personal and contemporary interpretation of bathroom furniture expressed in various dimensional variations, mixing wood, iron and ceramic

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