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The coming back from summer holidays always brings with it changes and news. September is the right time for Azzurra to announce the new website launch, whose art direction is by Diego Grandi Office studio. A new graphic layout goes along the use of the contents in a fluid and intuitive way
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And so, it is also for the house, September is the month in which you can often find yourself renewing your living spaces, including the bathroom. From a simple services room, over the years it has advanced in a continuation of the living, an aesthetically nice place to take care of yourself.
Color, customized solutions and sustainability are the key elements to transform your spaces giving voice to personalization and creativity.


COLOR | Colors 1250° and Luxury

Azzurra presents, between 2019 news, the renewed COLORS 1250° color chart and the unprecedented Luxury.
COLORS 1250° pastel colors, like the Nature Green and the Royal Blue adapt to a sophisticated and contemporary bathroom, while neutral colors like Perlè, Ash and the timeless Cotton are perfect for minimal design spaces.
Platinum, Gold and Pink Gold proposed in the Luxury line, they lend themselves to the personalization of more elegant environments.


TAILOR-MADE | Hang&Stand and Misura
Always more frequently, the articulated spaces of the houses require products that can be customized in terms of size and shape. Thus, the industrial-inspired modular Hang&Stand system, designed by the StorageAssociati architectural firm, adapts to dynamic spaces with an informal style.
The modular structure, available in suspended or floor-standing versions, offers support to the Misura shelf with a minimum thickness of only two centimetres.

WATER SAVING | 10 years of sustainability

The patented Water Saving innovation was developed by Azzurra, since 2009, with the goal to save up to 70% of water per year for sanitary water flush.
This technology uses only 3 litres of water instead 9, as the normal flushing are, keeping the product design and its aesthetics unchanged. On the occasion of this 10 years anniversary since the start of the system development, a collaboration is born with the Artist Andrea Q who interpreted the innovative process through a dedicated illustration. Highlighting the water and economic savings that derive from the use of this system, the new image expresses the green soul of Azzurra aimed to make the public aware about these issues.

NEWS | Stand Ragno at Cersaie 2019

The Graal  washbasin, designed by Angeletti Ruzza Designhas been selected for the setting of Ragno stand at Cersaie 2019 curated by Irene Arescaldino as well as the company showroom in Sassuolo that host the Elegance collection washbasins, the Hang&Stand structure and the Mirror Book mirrors by Storage Associati.

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