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AZZURRA VISIONS #2 2021: Azzurra methodology between tailoring and contemporary design for sanitaryware and bathroom furnishing

#BeSpoke and the AZZURRA approach
Azzurra has always adopted an approach that unites tailoring and contemporary design. The collections on offer adapt to the needs of the individual in terms of space, colour and shape, making it possible to design a sophisticated, #bespoke bathroom. The wide range of customisation possibilities applies the sartorial approach of #madeinitaly to ceramics.
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#AdvancedCraftsmanship and the AZZURRA approach
Each AZZURRA collection is sculpted by uniting technological innovation and craftsmanship. A vow of quality that AZZURRA reassesses with each new design project.
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The AZZURRA approach and the Ceramics area
AZZURRA would probably not have been the same if the story had not begun right here, in Civita Castella-na, in the heart of Tuscia, Viterbo province. An extraordinary area, the only one in Italy that specifically specialises in sanitaryware, with its beating heart in Civita. An area that fosters competitiveness and creativity that revolves around a vocation with origins that go back centuries, dating back even to pre-Roman times, when the Falisci peoples produced ceramics by exploiting the abundant quantities of water and large ag-glomerations of clay in the area.
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The AZZURRA approach: BUILD, Nordic lines encounter exclusive patents
Among the collections that best portray Azzurra methodology is Build, inspired by the purity and simplicity of Nordic design. Build sanitaryware adapts to the restyling needs of the bathroom environment due to the inclusion of an #offsetdrain system. The specially designed internal conformation allows them to be connected to existing installations with no need for masonry work, slashing renovation costs.
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The Hera collection, designed by Daniel Libeskind, on the list of 2021 bathroom trends on Elle
Elle decor has singled out back-to-wall sanitaryware as one of the 2021 design bathroom trends. AZZURRA sanitaryware provides this option and also saves water due to a patented #watersaving system. Even this forms part of the AZZURRA approach – experimentation with form and art encounters responsible use of resources. Thanks to @BenedettaLamberti for the update.
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The AZZURRA approach: the company as a family
AZZURRA is a proudly #madeinitaly organisation conceived by the Rossini and Serraglini families. A pas-sionate commitment and a capability for a shared vision – the first generation of founders was succeeded by the second and the company took on an international dimension that makes it distinctive today.
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The AZZURRA approach: COMODA, broad lines adapt to a new concept of comfort
Craftsmanship and innovation encounter comfort and adaptability. COMODA, a collection designed by AZZURRA Workshop, consists of floor-mounted or wall-hung sanitaryware and a selection of washbasins in a variety of sizes. These pieces are available in Colors 1250 and Luxury finishes, to suit any desiderata or design challenge.
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The AZZURRA approach: design, to assist those in need
The AZZURRA approach even encompasses a focus on those experiencing great need. This is why AZZURRA is involved in the construction of the Moyi Mwa Ntongo medical centre in Kinshasa, Congo, in part-nership with the Focolare Movement, by donating sanitaryware to be used inside the building. Seen as a centre of excellence for the treatment of childhood blindness, the centre has since been involved in other projects, such as the battle against HIV and AIDS. A significant commitment to an ambitious and necessary project – this is also the #DNA AZZURRA.
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The AZZURRA approach: the importance of feeling part of the team
AZZURRA is structured as a true #community, where each member is part of a more ambitious project. This is the reason, and also as part of a broader response to the emergency of the pandemic, the company has provided a free psychological counselling service for workers and their families. “Each and every AZZURRA item is created by our craftsmen, and, if they work in a more relaxed atmosphere, the results will certainly be better,” says Lorenzo Rossini, CEO and marketing manager.
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The AZZURRA approach: Consolle SIZE, the hand-cut ceramic series
The Azzurra approach is based on the production of customisable elements that can be adapted to spatial requirements. Consolle SIZE, a 2016 collection designed by AZZURRA Workshop, consists of a ceramic top with integrated washbasin that allows for custom creations, both in terms of size and finish. Depending on specific use, the top can vary from 60 to 200 cm, using a cut down to the centimetre, carried out manual-ly. A model that is adaptable and suitable for contract solutions, strongly attributable to the vow of quality that AZZURRA continues to reassess.
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The AZZURRA approach at the most attractive resorts: Crete
The high quality of AZZURRA stocks supplies is recognised worldwide and the company has signed up with several attractive companies. Cretan Malia Park, for example, one of the island’s best-known retreats de-signed by Greek architect Vana Pernari, combines the holistic approach of #wellbeing with a new concept of #slow luxury. Cretan Malia Park opted for AZZURRA quality and style for the creation of the sanitaryware in the rooms and the beautiful spa.
Credits: Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann. Courtesy of Cretan Malia Park, member of Design Hotels
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The showroom in Milan, where AZZURRA approach meets the client
The showroom in Milan is the place where AZZURRA approach meets people. A space where the Company can widely illustrate all the features of products, collections and design solution proposals. It is the place where you can touch by hand the promise of quality Azzurra keeps everyday.
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Showroom Milano
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