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AZZURRA VISIONS #3 2021: Azzurra “behind the scenes” – the modus operandi that makes Azzurra Ceramica the Italian par excellence for innovation and revival of craftsmanship know-how in ceramics.

#Azzurra and the multi-purpose washbasin – the Anfibio collection.
AZZURRA has always experimented with forms in their approach regarding individual sanitaryware pieces and the ANFIBIO collection, designed by @Matteo Ragni, portrays the theme of the washbasin with an alternative, versatile twist. Multi-purpose and multi-accessory, the white gloss finish washbasin is embellished in this instance with a number of shelves and storage compartments and includes a mirror and an under-basin, wheel-mounted container.

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AZZURRA encounters the post-pandemic home
POSThome, a prototype of a contemporary dwelling in Milan, designed by Claudia Campone of ThirtyOne Design, stands out as a post-pandemic home, a true place that ensures hybridisation of spaces and provides a multi-purpose living experience. As a partner, AZZURRA provides the sanitaryware in the bathroom space using pieces from the colourful Forma series – which use the patented Water Saving system to, as the name suggests, save water when flushing – coordinated with the original white mixer taps.

POSThome is a design project by Claudia Campone
photo credits: Chiara Cadeddu

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AZZURRA factory | Behind the scenes
This is the very place where AZZURRA breathes life into its products, a balance between craftsmanship and technological experimentation. It is right here, once design and prototyping are complete, that mass production begins, in a large factory where everything pulsates to the singular rhythmical promise of quality.

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Video di Bruno Chitarrini
UNIKO and shower tray innovation
Inside the AZZURRA factory, a great deal of focus is placed on the reinvention of individual bathroom pieces. UNIKO is a revolutionary shower tray that includes the option of tailor-made cutting for dimensional customisation. Entirely made of ceramic, UNIKO is a uniform surface with a linear aesthetic and reaches a thickness of only 3 centimetres on lengths of up to two metres, all made possible by the experience and know-how provided by the company. UNIKO is available in finishes Colors 1250 and Malteceramiche.

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AZZURRA in Crete | The charm of Sani Resort Crete

Located in a wildlife sanctuary of over 400 hectares with a long, private beach in the waters of the Aegean Sea, the Sani Resort in Crete is an oasis for relaxation and well-being that guarantees comfort for its guests. Sani Resort Crete has opted to include ELEGANCE washbasins in the interiors of its rooms, upholding the prestige that AZZURRA retains as a strategic partner in the creation of luxury bathroom environments.

Credits: Sani Resort Crete

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AZZURRA and the designers: CHARME – in memory of Marco Romanelli

AZZURRA factory is also a byword for partnership with a number of the most prominent designers. The CHARME collection dates back to 2013 and was designed by Marta Laudani and the recently deceased Marco Romanelli.
The line consists of 13 items and, in the pursuit of classic workmanship and a shift away from geometric rigour, it stands out in the exquisite detail of its profile, established by the designers as a “torus”, a contemporary reinterpretation of the Ionic order capital. A successful partnership, in memory of a creative visionary.

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AZZURRA factory: HERA, bathroom furnishing as a treasured sculpture

AZZURRA’s pursuit of the experimentation of form encounters one of the most refined luminaries on the contemporary architectural scene – a visionary but extremely learned, @Daniel Libeskind provides AZZURRA with veritable sculptures for bathroom environments. The series, available in Colors 1250, Luxury and White Gloss finishes, features a dynamism in its forms that is created by a torsion in the ceramic.

Sketch by Daniel Libeskind
Ph. by @Giorgio Possenti, Styling by @Elisa Ossino

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AZZURRA factory and the green sentinels

Seen as the embodiment of real green sentinels, the AZZURRA factory is home to a variety of indoor plants of tropical origin, positioned to filter and capture substances that are toxic to organisms, referred to as ‘flying organic compounds’. The project, designed by ‘Paesaggi e Paesaggi’, aims to create an “air factory”. As Lorenzo Rossini and Alberto Serraglini state, “if the plants are doing well, the people working around them are doing well, too.”

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AZZURRA factory: the importance of marketing for a creative company

AZZURRA is made up of many different areas of knowledge, which combine to revive the pledge of quality that has always been the hallmark of the Civita Castellana-based company. Are quality and innovation alone enough to staying relevant in today’s world? Says Alberto Serraglini, AZZURRA’s sales manager.

Ph. Cristiano Bendinelli

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AZZURRA factory and the graphic washbasin

The AZZURRA Workshop continues to experiment with its experienced craftsmen and Bespoke philosophy. In line with the spirit of forging ahead, in 2019 the company patented CUT, a unique, mono-material ceramic top with integrated basin. Featuring angular, graphic lines and available in different sizes, the top includes an anthracite or white metal vanity unit.

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AZZURRA factory and the #Watersaving system

For AZZURRA, technology is there to assist in achieving a responsible, sustainable vision – with this in mind, the company has patented #watersaving. This system allows a complete flush using only 3 litres of water, guaranteeing a water saving of over 70% compared to traditional flushes.

Illustration by Andrea Q

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AZZURRA factory and factory well-being

For AZZURRA, the physical and psychological well-being of every team member has always been a key component of each task that is carried out. An approach that sees workers as part of a close-knit, winning team: “The adoption of lateral thinking has been the thrust behind the metamorphosis in our thinking, especially in relationships between our team members,” says AZZURRA CEO and brand manager Lorenzo Rossini.

Ph. Cristiano Bendinelli

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AZZURRA factory: ready, set, FAST!

In a dynamic, fast-paced world, the AZZURRA Workshop has designed the FAST series, which was inspired by the contemporary concepts of practicality, functionality and adaptability. FAST is a streamlined collection, consisting of a floor-mounted toilet and bidet, including a washbasin solution that is available in a dynamic wall-hung version and in a more classic pedestal variant. Ergonomic, rounded lines that espouse comfort via its compact forms.

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The showroom in Milan, where the AZZURRA approach encounters the customer

The showroom in Milan is where the AZZURRA approach encounters people. A space where the company showcases the versatility of the special features of its pieces, collections and solutions. This is the a place where you can see for yourself the vow of quality that AZZURRA reassesses on a daily basis.

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Milan Showroom
Via Giuseppe Sacchi 9, Milan
Showroom opening hours:
09:30am-1:30pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm
Monday to Friday.
phone: +39 02 89092556


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