Smm120490000 ceramica bianco lucido

Ceramic shelf including support brackets, dimensions 120x49xH2 cm, White gloss finish, COLORS 1250°, Le malteceramiche, Azzurra Workshop Design.



The super-slim Misura shelves are only 2 cm thick and are available in several standard sizes. They can be customised on request by carrying out cuts both lengthwise and in terms of depth, depending on orthogonal or diagonal layout requirements. Simple and functional, Misura surface tops are enhanced by exclusive COLORS 1250° and Le malteceramiche® finishes.

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The collection of made to measure shelves connects to the Bespoke theme proposed as a dynamic bathroom furnishing system. Characterised by a reduced thickness of only 2 cm and with refined chromatic variations, the ceramic shelves can be cut both in length and in depth, depending on requirements.