Toilet floor-mounted


55x36xH42 cm

Buvctte00000 ceramica bianco lucido

Build Easy Clean offset toilet, Water Saving flush, dimensions 55x36xH42 cm, White gloss finish, Azzurra Workshop Design

Accessories: Thermoset seat with quick-release, soft close mechanism, White gloss finish.



Technologies and patents:
3 l
3L Watersaving
Offset flange
Offset flange

Build sanitaryware plays a leading role in modern bathroom furnishing due to its flared shape, which is the hallmark of the entire collection. They are available in both wall-hung and floor-mounted versions. Build WCs, crafted by Azzurra Ceramica under the banner of sustainability, are equipped with Water Saving, Easy Clean and offset drain technologies.

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Designed by Officina Azzurra, the collection Build is inspired by the purity and the essentiality of Nordic design. It is composed of floor-mounted and wall-mounted sanitary fixtures, various models of the washbasin. The toilets, technologically advanced, are equipped with an easy clean and watersaving system.