Mbf 50 mobile olmo naturale

Forma floor-mounted unit in White Elm, Natural Elm, Cement finishes, dimensions 44x47xH70 cm, Design Officina Azzurra.


MBF 50

Designed using advanced craftsmanship to fit the semi-circular line of the Forma over-counter washbasin, the collection’s storage unit enhances the conical geometry of the series, providing a sophisticated interpretation of modern bathroom furnishing. Available in wall-hung or floor-mounted versions, Forma comes in three finishes, White elm, Natural elm and Concrete.

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Already by the name, the Forma collection reveals a well-defined aesthetic matrix, based in this particular case on the re-elaboration of the geometric shape of the cone. The surface-mounted washbasins and the floor-mounted and wall-mounted sanitary fixtures all have a sculptural character of immediate appeal.