Accessory mirrors


70,5x60,5 cm

Anf sp ceramica bianco lucido

Anfibio ceramic mirror with side storage shelves dimensions 70,5x60,5, white gloss finish, Matteo Ragni design.



A versatile, multitasking version of the washbasin, Anfibio, designed by Matteo Ragni, is a key innovation in the field of bathroom furnishing. Anfibio is a hybrid item which, whose minimalist, sophisticated design can also be fitted in environments other than the modern bathroom. Designed for optimum functionality, Anfibio features integrated storage shelves and includes a ceramic mirror.

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It is a modular system designed by Matteo Ragni that interprets the theme of the washbasin with an alternative and transversal spirit. Multifunctional and full of accessories, it is ideal not only in the bathroom environment but also in hybrid living and working spaces. Equipped with shelves and storage compartments, it is completed by a ceramic mirror.