Shower Tray


90x70xH4 cm

Cbpd09007040 ceramica bianco lucido

Shower tray dimensions 90x70xH4 cm, white gloss finish, Design Officine Azzurra.



Functionality, aesthetics and durability feature in the Cube family of ceramic shower trays by Azzurra Workshop. Cube’s sophisticated design is characterized by its thickness of only 4 cm. Its simple lines and orthogonal graphic motif in relief are designed to coax water flows towards the drain, which ensures the non-slip properties of the tray. Cube comes in nine size variations to easily adapt to the many configurations of the modern bathroom.

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It is a ceramic shower tray with raised rim that, through a three dimensional graph pattern, performs the anti-slip function, converting it into an aesthetic function thanks to a geometric mesh with an orthogonal grid. In addition to its decorative qualities, the motif better favours the outflow of the water toward the drain. There are nine size variants for a height of 4 cm.