Talp04443t0m uli ces ceramica bianco lucido

Linen basket in lacquered polyurethane, dimensions 42x42xH52 cm, White gloss finish, Paolo Ulian Design



A multi-award-winning design by Paolo Ulian, Tandem introduces an unusual hybrid type of washbasin to the Azzurra product range, poised somewhere between a wall-hung and pedestal washbasin. Tandem plays with the concept of modularity, transforming the volume beneath the basin into a versatile container basket in lacquered polyurethane which, in combination with the ceramic basin, hints at myriad interpretations of use in the modern bathroom environment. The Tandem system embraces the Bespoke Bathroom philosophy – the washbasin can be personalised via colour options in the COLORS 1250° range or the sparkling Luxury finishes.

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Hovering between the wall-mounted washbasin and the pedestal washbasin, the project Tandem by Paolo Ulian introduces into the bathroom environment a novel type of product that transforms the volume under the basin into a versatile basket container in lacquered polyurethane. Combined with the basin in ceramic, it leaves space for multiple interpretations of use.