Washbasin wall-hung


150x51xH2 cm

Calc15051t0m ceramica bianco lucido

One-tap hole, wall-mounted consolle washbasin, dimensions 150x51xH2 cm with ceramic overflow and drain, white gloss finish, antibacterial treatment available on request.



The Cut series includes four standard formats and a customised version designed for tailored bathroom restyling to be produced on-demand using a series of orthogonal and diagonal cuts down to the centimetre to guarantee observance to specific project criteria.

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It is a washbasin that fully interprets the Bespoke philosophy of Azzurra. The idea is that of a unique ceramic surface that is a continuation of the material, with an integrated basin that, in addition to the five formats in the catalogue, includes the customisable version through orthogonal or diagonal cuts. The graphic and squared character of the lines is completed by the structure below the washbasin in metal in the versions anthracite or white.