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Wall-hung/over-counter washbasin, dimensions 63x43xH14.5 cm, White gloss finish, COLORS 1250°, Luxury, Daniel Libeskind Design.



Hera washbasins portray Daniel Libeskind’s formal dynamism in an act of torsion in the ceramic via the expertise of Azzurra Ceramica’s advanced craftsmanship techniques. Illustrations of innovation and sophisticated design, the Hera freestanding washbasin and the two wall-hung/over-counter versions are inspired by the vibrant chiaroscuro effects in the processing of Carrara marble.

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The collection that represents the personal interpretation of Daniel Libeskind of the bathroom environment comes close to the idea of sculpture, expressed through the revisitation of the principles of neoclassical aesthetics. The series is distinguished by the dynamism of its forms, created by means of an act of torsion which makes the plasticity of the white ceramic an absolute protagonist. It is expressively treated like a block of Carrara marble and characterised by vibrant chiaroscuro effects.